Fan Question: Why haven’t you made an episode where butters has a girlfriend?

Fan Question: Why haven’t you made an episode where butters has a girlfriend???

Answer: Not only has Butters had a girlfriend, as of last season, he was in a long distance relationship with a Canadian! Check out this list of Butters’ sordid love affairs.


Butters’ first romance was with the beautiful Lexus, a waitress from Raisins. Butters fell hard and fast for her and was truly in love, but thanks to his parents, it was eventually revealed she had ulterior motives.


                                                   Lexus “breaks up” with Butters

Butters was heartbroken but recovered, and soon after he met Paris Hilton, who he technically may have made it to third base with.

                                                               It’s all squishy

Unfortunately for Paris, she suffered a devastating loss to Mr. Slave in South Park’s 1st annual Whore Off.


                                                The last time Butters saw Paris

In season 13’s “Butters’ Bottom Bitch”, he turned his romantic attention to more entrepreneurial pursuits. Upon paying for his first kiss with Sally Darson, Butters was inspired to found “Butters’ Kissing Company”, a tax exempt, for profit enterprise.
Butters First Kiss

                                                             Butters’ first kiss

The company was a great success but Butters, CEO, had a change of heart and relinquished control of his company, leaving his employees in charge.
Butters Girlfriend_0006_Layer 6

                                                         Butters’ Kissing Company
Most recently, Butters was coaxed into a plot, by Cartman,  to establish a symbolic union between The United States and Canada, just like in The Lion King 2.
Butters Girlfriend_0004_Layer 8

                                                   Butters and Charlotte on a date

The plan was for Butters to initiate a hot Cosby, with a young Canadian girl named Charlotte, in hopes for the coexistence of both their species. Unexpectedly they both fell in “Slow Cosby”, which is also known as a “love” in Canada.


                                         Butters and Charlotte fall in “Slow Cosby”

Charlotte moved back to Canada and they were last seen video chatting together in the season 19 finale, “PC Principal Final Justice”.

Butters Girlfriend_0000_Layer 12

                                                Video chatting with Charlotte


Butters may have made it all the way to the 4th grade without kissing a girl, but once he locked lips with Sally Darson, all that changed.

Do you know what I am saying!?


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