Fan Question: Has Cartman ever kissed anyone?

Fan Question: I remember seeing Cartman rip on Butters for never kissing a girl, but I don’t EVER remember seeing Cartman kiss anyone. So…FAQ Dudes…has Cartman actually kissed someone? (Besides his mom, obviously…)

Answer: Well, the answer to this one might actually surprise you… and that answer is YES. He’s kissed Wendy.

This happens way back in Season 4’s “Chef Goes Nanners“… after Wendy and Cartman are forced to work together on the “Change the Flag” debate team. The two of them bond over Doublestuff cookies, and then Wendy develops a serious crush. It all leads to this moment…


But after seeing Wendy kick Cartman’s ass in “Breast Cancer Show Ever”, it’s safe to say that flame is probably no longer alive.

A few seasons later, Cartman also gets nose to nose with Mr. Jefferson. However, it’s unclear whether that ACTUALLY happened… it appears to have just been part of Stan’s nightmare:


Bonus factoid: Most recently, in Season 16’s “Cartman Finds Love“, Eric professes his love for Kyle — but there’s no smooches to speak of…