Fan Question: How many times has Cartman saved Kyle’s life?

Fan Question: Hey dudes, I was wondering exactly how many times Cartman has saved Kyle’s life?? My friend says it happens a lot, but the only one I remember seeing is in “Smug Alert”.

Answer: The official count is four times, which is surprising for how often Cartman says he wants to kill Kyle. Here’s the breakdown of Cartman life-savers:

• “Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods” (s02e11) – Cartman rescues Kyle, along with a number of other people in the Planetarium. Other people he rescued include: Mr. Mackey, Stan, Nurse Gollum…
• “Cherokee Hair Tampons” (s04e07) – This was the first time Cartman saved Kyle exclusively. After holistic medicine fails, the boys trick Cartman into giving Kyle a much-needed kidney transplant.
• “Smug Alert” (s10e02) – As you mentioned, Cartman travels all the way to San Francisco to save Kyle from the deadly smug storm. He actually saves the entire Broflovski family.
• “Imaginationland: Episode II” (s11e11) – After Kyle is attacked by ManBearPig, Cartman refuses to give up and single-handedly brings him back to life… But only because Kyle hasn’t sucked his balls yet.


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