All-New Episodes Return Next Week!

All-new episodes of South Park return next Wednesday, December 2nd @ 10p on Comedy Central!

There are three “dark weeks” during the Season 19 show run, and this is one of them. Check out the full schedule here:

• “Stunning and Brave” – September 16th
• “Where My Country Gone?” – September 23rd
• “The City Part of Town” – September 30th

[Dark Week] – October 7th

• “You’re Not Yelping” – October 14th
• “Safe Space” – October 21st
• “Tweek x Craig” – October 28th

[Dark Week] – November 4th

• “Naughty Ninjas” – November 11th
• “Sponsored Content” – November 18th

[Dark Week] – November 25th

• Episode 1909 – December 2nd
• Episode 1910 – December 9th

In the meantime, catch up and watch all three of the new episodes from Season 19 right here! Happy Thanksgiving!