South Park 2015 BRO DOWN Champion: Randy Marsh!


It was the biggest character battle in South Park history. Sixty-four characters went head-to-head, competing for the title of 2015’s Fan Favorite.

In the end — it came down to two of South Park’s most iconic all-stars: Randy and Cartman.

The gloves came off and the votes poured in. Some fans were torn. Others were blown away by Cartman’s fat ass, or Randy’s beautiful balls. But after 1.6 millions votes for this Final matchup alone, one thing was clear…


In 2015, Randy Marsh is a freakin’ champion.

Big props to all you fans who voted and bro’d down with us over the last few weeks. You’re the best around.


*Here’s the final vote count for The Championship:

Who should be crowned 2015’s Fan Favorite?

Total Voters: 1,689,404

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