Fan Question: What’s the episode where Cartman sings “In the Ghetto?”

Fan Question: Trying to find that one where Cartman sings “In the Ghetto”?? In the gheettttooooooooo….

Answer: You’re looking for the old-school Season 2 episode “Chickenpox“. Cartman croons that tune as they’re crossing the train tracks go to Kenny’s house for a slumber party. (Watch that clip here.)

Cartman actually sings it again in “A Ladder To Heaven”, during a sort-of-flashback with Kenny’s soul trapped in his body. You can see that second rendition of the song here.

Bonus factoid: This song is actually an Elvis tune, appropriately titled “In The Ghetto”. Although Cartman totally nails it, it might be worthwhile checking out The King’s version for a little music education…


>> Check out the original “In The Ghetto” song from “Chickenpox”.
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