Get caught up on Season 13’s “Fishsticks” with this episode GIF recap…

As Jimmy battles a bad case of writers block, Cartman makes himself at home and suggest they work together. Suddenly inspiration strikes-

Jimmy: “Do you like fishsticks?”  
Cartman: “Yeah.”  
Jimmy: “You like to put fishsticks in your mouth?”
Cartman: “Yeah.”
Jimmy: “What are you, a gay fish?”




The news reports it as the “funniest joke ever conceived”.




Everyone gets it, except for one person…Kanye West.




Perplexed by the joke, Kanye tries to discover why people think he’s a gay fish.




Kanye decides to chat with the man claiming responsibility for the joke, Carlos Mencia.




Meanwhile, Cartman has a differing account of how the joke was conceived.




Eventually, Kanye gives up and goes for a swim instead.




>> Wanna see Cartman take credit for a joke Kanye just can’t seem to understand? Watch the full episode of “Fishsticks” here.



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