Fan Question: In the Season 1 intro, what’s playing on that TV in the background?

Fan Question: In the 1st Season opening, you can see a little TV in the background and it’s playing something. What’s the video playing on that TV?

Answer: You mean the TV on the side of the road showing a crazy-looking snowman?


That’s actually the very-first version of The Spirit of Christmas (aka “Jesus vs. Frosty”) from 1992. This was Matt and Trey’s first South Park-style animated short, which they made in college.

Also, if you look on the right side of the road after Cartman sings his solo (below), there’s ANOTHER little easter egg. The screen with Santa spinning Jesus over his head is a snippet from Matt and Trey’s updated 1995 version of “The Spirit of Christmas” (aka “Jesus vs. Santa”)… which went on to become the basis for South Park as you know it.


If you wanna see an even longer “Spirit of Christmas” cameo, check out this clip from the Season 4 holiday special, “A Very Crappy Christmas”.

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