Fan FAQ 4/20: What’s the deal with Towelie?

Fan Question: What’s the deal with Towelie?

Answer: What’s not to understand about Towelie? Towelie is a self aware genetically enhanced RG400 smart towel created by Tynacorp’s Zytar in order to spy on humans. One day he got high and just sort of wandered off…

From the writers: Towelie was originally created on a houseboat on Lake Mead during a vacation. A few of the writers were wakeboarding and someone yelled out “don’t forget to bring a towel!” and Towelie was born. As an homage to the way other shows create characters only to sell merchandise, taking the lamest character possible and applying that concept to Towelie, a towel.

Watch the Commentary-Mini from “Towelie”


Towelie has struggled with addiction and has even published his own memoir about his struggle “A Million Little Fibers” under the pen name “Steven McTowelie”. His true identity was eventually revealed by Geraldo Rivera and he was exposed as a towel which caused serious backlash with Oprah and her minge.

He has since started a family which consists of the lovely Rebecca and his adorable son Washcloth. Rebecca was eventually forced to leave him due to his drug addiction but after an intervention Towelie was able to get clean and win Rebecca back.

Towelie Now


Since “Crippled Summer”, his last appearance in the series, he’s been trying to be a better towel.


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