Fan Question: Is that an Orgazmo trophy in “Weight Gain 4000”?

Fan Question: Is that a figure of Orgazmo on top of the trophy Kathie Lee Gifford gives Cartman in “Weight Gain 4000”?

Answer: Wow, great eye dude. That is indeed a golden version of Orgazmo on top of Kathie Lee’s trophy. It’s only visible for a couple seconds (here), but you caught it!

You can also see him proudly mounted on top of the World Champion dodgeball trophy in “Conjoined Fetus Lady”…


There’s a bunch of references to Orgamzo hidden throughout the episodes, especially in the earlier seasons. But probably the best (and most frequently seen) Orgazmo easter egg is the poster on the door in Cartman’s bedroom.

Look for it in the background of this clip from last season’s “#REHASH”: