Fan Question: Is there something hidden in Garrison’s alphabet chart in “Chickenlover”?

Fan Question: In the episode “Chickenlover” (Season 2), I noticed the words “Kenny” and “Bastard” on the alphabet thing in Mr. Garrison’s classroom. Is there something hidden in there?

Answer: Nice eye! And yes — there is definitely something snuck in there. The alphabet chart above Garrison’s chalkboard reads “DiOsMiOhAnMaTaDoHaKeNnYbAsTaRdOs…”

If you break that down, it spells: “Dios Mio han matado ha Kenny, Bastardos.” In Spanish, this translates roughly to “Oh my God they killed Kenny, you bastards!”

Bonus factoids: That little alphabet easter egg is actually in TWO back-to-back episodes, “Chickenlover” and “Ike’s Wee Wee” (below). Also, in Season 13’s “W.T.F.“, you can see a real Spanish version of Kenny’s death play out during El Pollo Loco’s wrestling match. BASTARDOS!



>> See the alphabet chart in this scene from “Chickenlover”.
>> Stream the full “Chickenlover” episode.
>> See Kenny get killed (as El Pollo Loco) in “W.T.F.

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