Introducing Sassy Justice - a new project from the co-creators of South Park

Trey Parker and Matt Stone launched a new project this week called Sassy Justice on YouTube in collaboration with Peter Serafinowicz. Peter Serafinowicz has worked with South Park before, voicing various characters including Darth Chef and the match commentator in "Cock Magic".

About Sassy Justice: Fred Sassy is an American Consumer Advocate and reporter for the Cheyenne news at 9, a local TV station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. On his weekly show, Sassy Justice, Fred goes to battle for the common man in his hometown. This week, he's uncovering the dangers behind manipulated videos that are increasingly popping up on the internet.

In an interview with The New York Times, Trey and Matt discussed what drove them to create the deepfake video:

"Before the big scary thing of coronavirus showed up, everyone was so afraid of deepfakes," Stone said. "We just wanted to make fun of it because it makes it less scary."

As Parker said, "It really is this new form of animation for people like us, who like to construct things on a shot-by-shot level and have control over every single actor and voice. It's a perfect medium for us."

On how this project differs from South Park, Trey shared:

"I always hate watching myself. Even with 'South Park,' I have a perfect image of what it's going to look like in my head all the time. But on this, there were moments where we felt like kids in our basement again."

Peter Serafinowicz plays the host character in Sassy Justice as well as a few other characters. He explains how the deepfake technology enhances impersonations on a whole new level:

"I imagine myself looking like the person that I'm doing. Now that's become real. It's like wearing the most realistic mask possible. When it works, it's just startling. It's like magic."

Check out what Trey thinks is "... probably the single most expensive YouTube video ever made." Watch the full episode now: