Fan Question: Is it true Blizzard Entertainment helped with the “Warcraft” Episode?

Fan Question: I heard a rumor that Blizzard Entertainment actually helped while you were making “Make Love, Not Warcraft“. Is that true? Also, how did you animate the WoW stuff? It’s definitely my favorite SP episode!

Answer: Yes indeed, those rumors are true. Big props should be given to Blizzard Entertainment for their involvement in that classic.

At first, the World of Warcraft stuff presented a huge challenge. We never dreamed that Warcraft’s maker (Blizzard) would help us out, so we experimented with producing videogame-like images ourselves. Finally, we just asked Blizzard if we could use their characters, and were pleasantly surprised to find them highly stoked about being on South Park.

Quite a few Blizzard employees set up shop in the South Park offices, and helped us film some in-game animation of the larger fight scenes.

Almost all of the action shots are lifted directly from real WoW gameplay, which we then brought into Maya (our 3D animation software) and animated ourselves.


The big fight scene where the boys get slaughtered by He-Who-Has-No-Life, was filmed just like a live-action shoot, with Trey directing about 20 in-game players all running around the WoW environment.

Pretty awesome, huh?

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