Fan Question: How many episodes has Michael Jackson been in?

Fan Question: Loved seeing Michael Jackson’s hologram in “REHASH”. I think he’s been in the show before, but I can’t remember… If so, what episodes?? It’s IGNORANT!

Answer: ALLEGEDLY!!! He was ALLEGEDLY in the show!

You are definitely right though — “#REHASH” was not MJ’s first appearance. He’s actually played a main role in 4 total episodes, starting all the way back in Season 8’s “The Jeffersons“.

In that episode, Jackson moved into town as “Mr. Jefferson” and invited all the boys to go up his wishin’ tree. (He also killed Kenny.) A few seasons later, his spirit appeared in “Dead Celebrities” — where he took over Ike’s body and forced him to enter the Tiny Miss Beauty Pageant…


And of course, his Hologram just recently moonwalked into the Season 18 two-parter “#REHASH” and “#HappyHolograms”.

Here’s the full list of Michael Jackson’s appearances:

• Season 8 – “The Jeffersons
• Season 13 – “Dead Celebrities
• Season 18 – “#REHASH
• Season 18 – “#HappyHolograms