Production Blog 11/14/2007

This is the last night of the Season 11. We are all getting misty knowing that this is the end for Old 11, a season that touched hearts and changed minds. Trey and Matt look like proud parents dropping their kids off at college only to break down crying on that long drive home.

The last episode of Season 11 is called “The List.” Being the super creative, handsome, awesome, well endowed, masculine, heterosexual, hilarious, smooth, loveable, buoyant Pas we are, we’ve decided that tonight, just for you dear reader, give you 11 Tender Moments from season 11. One list of 11 by me, R EMMETT SIBLEY and one list By Mike the PA. So stop preordering video games, defrosting mini corndogs to throw into your turkey fryer or convincing yourself that you could battle an Ork and become a slave to our list.

Mike the PA

Hey everyone! First off, great opening, Rob. Top notch, as usual. Second off: This has been my best run ever, because it was also my first run. I hear it’s never the same after the first . . .but that it just keeps getting more MAGICAL!

Here are, in no particular order, my 11 tender moments in the 11th season:

1. The Bees
One day a hive of bees exploded in our parking lot. Trey and Kyle ran around outside and pestered the bees. It was scary and hilarious. Scalarious.

2. Guitar Hero Contest
I was a winner and a total loser.

3. Fires
At two points of the run we could see fires burning on the distant mountains.

4. Imaginationland
At first it was a list of various imaginary characters on a white board, and eventually it turned into a totally awesome 3-part episode. I loved watching the process of this one coming together. I may not have had anything to do with the creative or artistic side . . .but I did get to yell “blood orgy” in a background audio recording session with Matt. Beat THAT, Christmas.

5. Fruit Fly Halloween Costumes
The PAs looked like total badasses in their fruit fly outfits.

6. Seeing The Sun Rise
I stayed at work for 23 hours for the first time ever during this run. Nothing says fun like driving to work in traffic, then back home in the same traffic the next morning.

7. Rolling Stone
The second South Park cover of Rolling Stone was on news stands my second week here. Sorry, but that’s just cool- it never happened at the summer camp I worked at.

8. The Emmy
Maybe I wasn’t working here when they made their most recent Emmy winning episode . . .but I did get to partake in the festivities.

9. Splash Mountain
A picture of Matt, Trey, Rob and I holding hands on Splash Mountain? Hey, Rob: did you get that picture framed?

10. 24
I may not be the biggest fan of those guys, but it was straight up cool when the people over at the show ’24’ sent us a real life suitcase nuke prop as a gesture of good will after the “Snuke” episode aired.

All the secret, awesome stuff that the South Park Studios have going on, stuff that’s so cool I can’t even talk about it here.

R. Emmett, Production Assistant
So there’s my top 11 tender moments from South Park season 11! It’s been a really great run, I’ve had fun doing my job and writing these blogs . . .I hope you all had a great time watching the shows! Also, to everyone in my high school who thinks I’m making wicker bird cages out here in LA: I was joking. I don’t take that alumni newsletter seriously because, come on, it’s high school.

R. Emmett’s Fantastic List of 11 Tender Moments from Season 11 in the order given to me by God:

11. Watching our gate guard sleep like an innocent child. This may seem like nothing to you but it made me realize? I want to bring children into this life to watch him sleep without a care in the world.

10. Woodland Hills : google map the distance from there to let’s say Venice* add LA Traffic and figure out a good reason to go there 8 times in one week. It’s awesome.

* we don’t actually work in Venice but it’s close enough, I will never tell. I just don’t want you all standing outside smelling like Pizza Hut Buffet.

09. A Picture of Matt, Trey, Mike and I holding hands on Splash Mountain? Oh and Mike: yes, I did.

08 The In and Out Truck – Does it come to your work? I guess not. Maybe the truck is to big for the alley behind the arcade? I don’t know.

07 October 17 Funions are introduced into the office.

06 Talking “House” with Anne. That House guy is so smart and so funny! He proves every week that Medicine is cool and sexual tension is alive on prime time dramas. You know you love him DR. Cuddy. Go to him?

05 Bruce’s ,(audio guru), Licks and Locks. He plays a hot guitar and has awesome hair. He makes my top 5 every season.

04 Cheerfully talking to our Apple Rep about how much we love our iPhones. You don’t have an iPhone? Well I’m sure your Helio makes you “Johnny Cool Guy” at all the high school parties? and I bet the fact that you can buy beer and cigarettes legally doesn’t hurt either, you beautiful Helion. Love knows no law.

03 Seeing a certain NAMELESS worker in the office dominate the Cash grab machine. Nothing is cheating when you’re holding all the chips.

02 Tortillas from Paco’s. They are just so fresh and tasty. You haven’t had a tortilla until you’ve had a Paco’s tortilla. “But (add your favorite Resturant’s Name is here) has the best tortillas.” Hey reader, I don’t care about the tortillas in your local D class shanty town restaurant. Paco’s is the best. If you don’t believe me, ask Trey. Oh that’s right, you can’t? Maybe if you ask me nice, I can do it for you.

01 Being able to tell people that I am an Emmy Award winning Production Assistant. BOOSH!

This season was about as awesome as we are. It’s a pleasure to work at The Park.

Bonus: Here (on the website) are some pictures from this season for you to look as you drink your box wine and eat your hot dogs. Sleep tight America!