The iconic South Park theme song gets a new rendition with a 30-piece orchestra.

The iconic South Park theme song gets a new rendition with a 30-piece orchestra. The 25th season of South Park premieres on Feb 2 at 8/7c on Comedy Central in the US.

Watch the video:


Trumpet: Raul Agraz
Trumpet: James De La Garza
Trombone: Sara Jacovino
Bass Trombone/Tuba: Jeff Nelson
French Horn: Rachel Drehmann
French Horn: Judy Lee
Harp: Kirsten Agresta-Copely
Piano: Alvin Hough Jr.
Bass: Brian Holtz
Drum-Kit/Percussion: Sean McDaniel
Percussion: David Mancuso
Concertmaster: Philip Payton
Violin: Kiku Enomoto
Violin: Monica Davis
Violin: Jonathan Dinklage
Violin: Bryan Hernandez-Luch
Violin 2: Mary Jo Stilp
Violin 2: Jonathan Weber
Violin 2: Caleb Burhans
Viola: Orlando Wells
Viola: Ina Paris
Viola: Chala Yancy
Cello: Deborah Assael-Migliore
Cello: Adele Stein
Cello: Allison Seidner
Flute/Piccolo: Julie Ferrara
Flute/Clarinet: Emily Pecoraro
Flute/Clarinet/Oboe: Daniel Willis
Oboe/Eng Horn: Charles Pillow
Bassoon/Bass Clarinet: Greg Riley
Vocal: Nikki Renee Daniels
Vocal: Tamar Greene
Vocal: Jeff Kready
Vocal: Elizabeth Stanley
Music Coordinator: Michael Aarons (M2 Music)
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation
Music Assistant: Bronwen Chan
Orchestra Recording Engineer: Ian Kagey
Music Mixer: Derik Lee
Arranger/Orchestrator/Conductor/Music Producer: Stephen Oremus

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