Behind the Scenes of “Taming Strange”

You ready to tame some strange bro?

Check out these killer behind-the-scenes pics and details from last season’s “Taming Strange” — and for the FULL DOSE of exclusive production art and details from Matt and Trey… check out the “Taming Strange” WIKI page here!


– Prior to production, the writers toyed with the idea of making Ike look bigger, like a pubescent teenager.

– The “whooping crane” image in the header (of Kyle with a shlong on his head) was actually based off on an original sketch by Trey.

– Check out the storyboard from this infamous football scene



– This is a Corel used during production, while designing Foofa’s special outfit and “twerking” poses.

– Matt did the voice of this bro’d out version of Ike. Ike’s voice is normally done by a staff member’s kid.

– Sinéad O’Connor reached out to Miley Cyrus in response to Cyrus’ Rolling Stone cover story, hence why she’s parodied in this episode.


– Mr. Mackey and Tom Brady are both shown “Bradying” during this episode.

– Lionel Richie’s hit single “All Night Long” plays in the beginning of the episode, when Mr. Mackey is using Intellilink. His music pops up several times in this episode.

– Mackey’s counseling lesson on the toilet required a special pose. It was worth it.


Why “Yo Gabba Gabba”? All the male writers now have kids. Their kids love “Yo Gabba Gabba”, so they’re forced to watch it all the time.

– The character that sits with the Canadian Puberty Film Host is known at South Park as “Fancy Fwiend”. He’s a huge favorite in the Writer’s Room.


>> For FULL LOOK behind-the-scenes, visit the “Taming Strange” WIKI PAGE! It’s got ALL the pics and details from Matt and Trey…