Behind The Scenes of “Black Friday”

Missed our Live Tweet last week? We got ya covered, guy! Here’s a peek at some epic behind-the-scenes pics, details and factoids about the making of “Black Friday”…


– Our crew came back for two weeks during the summer hiatus to specifically work on this bad-ass new intro. This new 3D intro’s done with the same type of program we normally use to animate.

Where’d the idea come from? Trey is a fan of Game of Thrones, as are some of the writers. Matt wasn’t.

– “Lady McCormick” got a total makeover for this episode…



– Yep, that’s some real production art used while designing the “Mall Cop” look for Randy.

– At one point, the writers toyed with the notion of making this a 4-parter. Instead, they wrapped it up and made “The Hobbit”.

– Animators used old-school WWE wrestler poses as inspiration for the movements during this fat woman’s speech.



– A special batch of teeth were created for this redneck on a scooter. Any time you see teeth or mouth positions that aren’t standard, they’ve been specifically made for that character and episode.

– South Park is always written a scene or two at a time. The scene with Randy and the veteran mall cop was the first bit Trey wrote for this episode…


– Matt and Trey like doing 2 and 3 parters because they can write differently and let scenes breathe. Normally, scenes don’t last more than a minute.

– This isn’t the first time Star Trek characters have been parodied. Michael Dorn cameoed as Worf in “Fun With Veal”.

– The Round Table that Cartman, Butters and Xbox fighters sit at was a specialty prop. The boys “wireframes” were used for placement:



Throwback: Scott Malkinson made his diabetic debut in Season 12’s “Elementary School Musical”. Watch that HERE.

– The music featured in “Black Friday” parodies epic Game of Thrones style scores. Every bit of this music is done by our composer in the show’s crazy, 6 day production window.

– Props like Cartman’s hand-drawn flyer are created by our art department. 



– The writers based this Mall Cop Commander off of Peter Dinklage’s portrayal of Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones”.

– Kenny’s pet rat is a parody of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in “Game of Thrones”.


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