Behind the Scenes of “AWESOM-O”

Missed the “AWESOM-O” Live Tweet? Don’t worry robot friends, we got you covered!

Here’s special look behind-the-scenes of our fan-favorite episode “AWESOM-O”! Get a taste below — and for ALL the exclusive production art and details from Matt and Trey… check out the “AWESOM-O” WIKI page here!


– In 2011, fans ranked #AWESOM-O as Number 7 on their list of all-time best South Park episodes.

– In this episode, we learn Butters’ birthday is September 11th.

– Like every song in South Park, all three variations of “Robot Friend” were written, produced & recorded 100% in-house.


– The scene with Cartman “activating himself” is a parody of a similar scene from the 1995 anime classic “Ghost in the Shell”.

– Cartman’s robotic alter-ego is an homage to the infamous ASIMO — a the groundbreaking humanoid robot developed by Honda.

– Check out this old-school Character art created for this infamous scene:


– With Cartman & Butters episodes, Trey said: “Definitely either this or ‘Death of Eric Cartman’ would have to be on my top list.”

– The concept for this episode sprang from a pre-season writer’s retreat. The thing that sold it was Cartman saying “lame” in his robot voice.

– Check out this hand-drawn ‘board. Our storyboard department draws them digitally now:


– From Matt & Trey: We loved the way the story developed. It was Cartman doing something, then getting caught. And then kinda fucking himself.

– Before new characters appear in an episode, we make “Corels” of them which must be approved by Trey. You can see one that we created for Cartman’s AWESOM-O costume in the header above. And here’s another “Corel” of a disheveled Cartman….


>> For a FULL LOOK behind-the-scenes, visit the “AWESOM-O” WIKI page here! It’s got ALL the pics and details from Matt and Trey