Fan Question: Why did you bring back Kenny after he died “for good” in Season 5?

Fan Question: Why did Matt and Trey bring back Kenny after he “died for good” in Season 5’s “Kenny Dies”?

Answer: At the end of Season 5, Matt and Trey were really sick of having to put a “Oh my god, you killed Kenny!” joke into every episode. So the plan was to kill Kenny off for good and replace him with a revolving door of characters to fill the 4th friend void. (Hence why the next episode after “Kenny Dies” is “Butters Very Own Episode”.)

But midway through that 6th Season, Matt and Trey decided it would be better if Kenny was still around. They missed having his character in the show, so to speak. So they began to re-introduce Kenny gradually (ie – Cartman drinking his ashes in “A Ladder To Heaven”), until he just reappeared like nothing happened in the last scene of Season 6 (“Red Sleigh Down”).


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