Production Blog Entry for 11/09/10

Happy Tuesday night everybody! Tonight is a very special night here at South Park because when we leave here, the conclusion of the last three weeks of work with The Coon and Friends will be finished! The artwork has been amazing so far and I know for a fact the episode will not disappoint.

This week?s blog is about old PA Nate. I thought it would be good to show some respect to our elders. Nate was an integral part of the South Park production office for like 27 years. In fact rumor has it that he was a PA on this show before Matt and Trey ever even conceived the idea. Nate, who is now an assistant editor working on our HD project, was kind enough to sit down with me for a little one on one interview.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between APOC Steve and Old PA/ Asst. Editor Nate dated 11/9/10 4:17pm.

S: Please state your name, age and job title for the record.
N: Nate Pellettieri, 31, Assistant Editor HD Project

S: What is your favorite color??for the record.
N: Green

S: What was your favorite thing about working in the production office at South Park studios?
N: Back when I was a PA we used to hide stuff all over that room. Seriously? From secret notes to weird pictures there was TONS of stuff hidden in that room. Actually I still think you haven’t found the giant “Ass to Ass” sign Tim and I left behind.

Ex-PA Nate

S: What are you working on at the moment?
N: I’m finding shots from Episode 201 so that we can remake them in HD for Episode 505?

S: What?s you?re favorite snack?
N: The little cottage Cheeses that PA Mike gets sometimes. I friggin love them?

S: If you could have one pet what would it be and why?
N: If possible? I’d get the genetically altered mini Giraffe from the
Directv commercials where that rich euro-fag guy has all the gold stuff. Mainly cause I think it would be awesome to feed that thing?But also cause I want to be like that rich euro-fag guy.

S: What?s your shoe size? For the ladies?
N: 10 and a half? The half is what makes all the difference.

S: How long have you been working at South Park?
N: I just finished up my 6th year on Halloween?

S: Jesus that?s a long time. Why are you still here?

PA Steve interviews Former PA Nate

S: What is your fondest memory of Matt and Trey?
N: When they gave me money (around 4G?s) from the McRib challenge (a challenge where I had to eat a disgusting amount of McRibs and Starbucks in a short amount of time?) Oddly enough I used that money to buy a laptop and Final Cut Pro and in the end that’s how I got this editing job now.

PA Steve and Nate

S: Tell me something that only you know about South Park?
N: There is a trashcan that sometimes fills with water above the writer’s room? I always wanted to get it and move it back down but it takes a lot to get up above there and when I switched jobs I never got the chance to get it.

S: Did you watch the premier episode of ?Conan? last night?
N: Yes it was really good? Seth Rogen as the first guest wasn?t.

S: How many times a day do you think you snap your fingers while roaming the South Park halls?
N: I’m guessing I snap my fingers around 200 times a day? That’s a rough estimate but I look forward to the day when people get scared when they hear the snapping coming up the hallway.

Well there you have it folks, an in-depth update with old PA Nate. Don’t you miss him?

Well, until next week I?m going to go try and find that bucket of water before there is a small disaster and that ass-to-ass picture.


APOC Steve