Behind the Scenes of “Ginger Cow”

Check out these yummy yummy yummy “making of” details and pictures from last season’s “Ginger Cow“!

>> For the FULL DOSE of production art and behind-the-scenes facts from Matt and Trey, check out the “Ginger Cow” WIKI page here!


– This is art was used while creating the shot of Kyle sick in bed. You can see various stages of production here — from storyboard to character design to animation…

– In the header image (above), you may notice Mr. Garrison standing next to the Ginger Cow…even though he’s not really a part of this episode. He is placed there for size reference.


– After production finishes, we get a final script with the official curse count on it.

Where Did The Idea Come From? Matt read a book about the history of the Temple Mount. It explained that some Jews believe a Red Heifer plays a role in the second coming.

– The “Red Heifer” is not only a real part of the Hebrew Bible, it also appears in the Christian and Islamic faiths.


– This is Davin Milner’s debut episode. For each new character, the Art Department creates front, back, and side views.

– Check out the storyboard from this infamous scene of Kyle eating farts…


Behind the Scenes @ South Park Studios: David Lee Roth (of “Van Halen”) stopped by the South Park offices the week before this episode. We got inspired.

– Kyle’s “Yummy Yummy” ringtone is reminiscent of the Goth Kid’s “DEATH AND DESPAIR” ringtone from “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”.


>> For FULL LOOK behind-the-scenes, visit the “Ginger Cow” WIKI PAGE! It’s got ALL the pics and details from Matt and Trey…