South Park BRO DOWN: The Super 16

And then there were 16…

You fans have been flushing down characters like a bad batch of shitty chicken. There’s been upsets (Chef over Garrison?), massive defeats (sorry Bebe), and even a super-intense cripple fight (Timmy over Jimmy??).

But that’s what this Bro Down is all about…


Will the underdog Craig continue on his path of domination? Or will it be Tweek, or even Chef? And the biggest question of all: which of the main boys will be the first one eliminated??

At least one of them won’t make it to the next round… Vote below and decide!


If Craig could take down Cartman, he’d be sooooo happy.

Total Voters: 71,921


This is it… one of the main boys isn’t making it out of this one!

Total Voters: 98,132


Will Towelie get taken down to Funkytown?

Total Voters: 115,553


This matchup could not get any darker…

Total Voters: 104,702


Oh... That... IS NICE... Will Randy use his big balls to hop all over Mr. Lu Kim?

Total Voters: 73,045


It’s a faculty member free-for-all!

Total Voters: 80,813


A daywalking ginger takes on a handi-capable rock star… who wins?

Total Voters: 88,622


Can Tweek handle the hardcore dude shit Kenny is dishing out?

Total Voters: 67,506

*Polls open for “The Final 8″ on Wednesday, April 1st.

*Check out the results from “Round 2“, “Round 1: Part 1″ & “Round 1: Part 2” here.