Fan Question: What are the names of all the boys’ dads?

Fan Question: I obviously know Randy and Gerald, but what are the names of all the other boys’ dads?

Answer: This is a great question! As you mentioned, we all know Randy Marsh is Stan’s dad, and Gerald Broflovski is Kyle’s dad. But here are all the rest of the dads that have been named in the show:

Stuart McCormick (sometimes spelled “Stewart”) is Kenny’s dad. We get our first peek of Kenny’s dad and family in “Starvin’ Marvin“.

Jack Tenorman is Cartman’s dad, a controversial fact we learned in the “200”/”2001″ saga. For a long time, Cartman believed his dad was his MOM (due to the fact that she’s a “hermaphrodite”). But in truth, his father is actually Scott Tenorman’s father. Which means he more or less killed his dad…and fed it to his half-brother…

Stephen Stotch is Butters’ dad. Although in earlier episodes (like “Butters’ Very Own Episode”), you may hear him referred to as “Chris”.

Thomas Tucker is Craig’s dad. We get our first real taste of Craig’s family back in Season 4’s “Tweek Vs. Craig”.

Steve Black is Token’s dad. He is first referred to as Steve in “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring…

Ryan Valmer is Jimmy’s dad. Like many characters in this show, Jimmy’s family went through a name change — their last name used to be Swanson, but it is [officially] now Valmer. Jimmy’s parents debuted back in “Krazy Kripples.”

Richard Tweak is Tweek’s dad. His coffee-loving parents debuted in “Gnomes”. Richard also had a nice cameo in our new video game “South Park: The Stick of Truth”.

Roger Donovan is Clyde’s dad. He played a pretty big role back in Season 6’s “Red Hot Catholic Love”, and more recently in “Reverse Cowgirl”.

Richard Burch is Timmy’s dad. We’ve only seen him briefly, back in Season 4’s “Timmy 2000”.


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