Fan Question: What happened to Mr. Derp??

Fan Question: Old-school fan here, and just wondering — with Chef being dead and all, what happened to Mr. Derp? Has he been in any other episodes besides “The Succubus”??

DERP!! Well, Mr. Derp is definitely still around, and one things for sure — when he’s in the kitchen, you never know what nutty things are gonna happen!

Ever since he debuted in Season 3’s “The Succubus“, Mr. Derp has actually made a number of cameos. Probably his most visible cameo was in “Timmy 2000“, where he’s seen slinging lemonade at the Phil Collins show…


For the most part though, you can catch him in crowd scenes (like running out of the school in “Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow“), or in the background with other faculty members (more recently in “Eek, A Penis“).

As for the “Chef” role — that’s been vacant ever since Chef died back in Season 10, and the only person that’s filled in was Randy (briefly) in “Creme Fraiche“. So who knows… Season 19 kicks off in September, we’ll just have to just wait and see. DERP!

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