Fan Question: How many episodes have the “took ‘er jobs” rednecks been in?

Fan Question: How many total episodes have those “took ‘er jobs” rednecks been in?

Answer: Despite their popularity with the fans, those hard working “took-er-jobs” Rednecks have only been in 3 episodes total.

They debuted back in Season 8’s “Goobacks”, pissed off about the future-people takin’ all the damn jobs. Since then, they’ve appeared two more times — in Season 13’s “W.T.F.” and the Emmy-winning episode “Margaritaville”.

Bonus factoid: The red-haired leader of the rednecks is named Daryl Weathers (aka “Pissed Off White Trash Redneck Conservative”), a fact we learned in his debut in “Goobacks”.


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