Fan Question: When do new episodes go up on the site?

Fan Question: After the new episode airs on Wednesday, when can I watch it on the site? And will it be uncensored??

Answer: We’ve been getting this question a lot and it’s definitely a good one. Just like always, you can watch all the new episodes for FREE right here.

Here’s the full breakdown…

NEW EPISODES ONLINE: The episode goes live on our site shortly after the show airs on the West Coast, just like it always has. This is typically around 11 PST on Wednesday nights.

It usually takes a little time for the site’s cache to clear and for everything to be properly displayed. So if you live on the East Coast, it will be online Thursday morning. West Coasters, it should be available very, very late Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning.

UNCENSORED NEW EPISODES: As you probably noticed, the show on Wednesday night is censored (on live TV, on our site, everywhere). The final, uncensored audio is finished on Thursday night.

Just like always, we’ll swap out the uncensored version once we get that final audio. It takes a while for the site’s cache to clear, but usually the uncensored episodes should be available very late night on Thursday or early Friday morning.

Basically, the new episode process is exactly the same as it’s always been. And again, you can still watch ALL the new episodes for FREE.

Even better, you can now watch the episodes on your phone, tablet, and mobile devices — no app needed! Just go to


>> Watch “Go Fund Yourself” for free right here.