Behind The Scenes of “Medicinal Fried Chicken”

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Here’s a peek at some kick ass behind-the-scenes pics, details and factoids about the making “Medicinal Fried Chicken”…


Where’d the idea come from? In parts of South Central LA, it’s become illegal to open up fast food restaurants.

– Matt & Trey thought it was trippy that something can get more legal (weed) while other things become more illegal (fast food).

– Matt drove by an old KFC that had converted into a marijuana shop out in California.


– In 2011, fans voted #MedicinalFriedChicken to be one of their Top 15 favorite #SouthPark episodes of all time.

– Animators needed to create special art to achieve this “head exploding” effect for Cartman…


1403_LiveTweet_Pic09_1stSc copy

– This was the first scene that was written for this episode. There were 25 drafts total. 

– Trey acted out this Randy pose using an exercise ball. Our artists then used this for reference while animating. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark

1403_LiveTweet_Pic12-hoppi copy

– A “Hoppity Hop” is a big rubber ball used for playing & hopping — first introduced in the US in the late 60s. =

– The music playing while the guys are hopping on their balls pays homage to the music used in the ’72 commercial for board game ‘Bing Bang Boing’.

1403_LiveTweet_Pic16_loomp copy

– According to Matt and Trey, this is a pretty classic #Randy episode: “Randy wheeling his balls around in a wheelbarrow…that’s pretty Randy”.

– The naked women cutting chicken pays homage to a similar scene in the movie “New Jack City”.



– Check out these big-balled protest signs created by our art department…

– Sharon got special art and unique poses for her new Scroat Coat…


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