Behind the Scenes of “Let Go, Let Gov”

Want a sneak peek behind the making of our Season 17 premiere, “Let Go, Let Gov”?? Scroll down for a taste of behind-the-scenes pics, production art, and details from Matt and Trey.

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– We debuted our brand new intro at the beginning of “Let Go, Let Gov”. It was actually created with the same type of 3D program we normally use. We just render the textures flat, so it looks like the original paper pilot.

– The writers first started talking about this episode during a Writer’s Retreat in July.

– A lot happened during our hiatus between seasons, and the writers wanted something that’d still be relevant. So they built it around Snowden and the NSA.


Where did the idea come from? The speakerphone idea really kicked off when Trey did an imitation of how the Kardashians talk on their cell phones.

– Even the slightest change to a character — like Butters’ pajamas and “prayer” pose — require entirely new storyboards and designs from the art department. The storyboard (featured in the header above) is the first step in production after the script is written.


– Just a few days before the episode aired, it was reported that the NSA employees were illegally “keeping tabs” on spouses and girl/boyfriends. 

Where did the idea come from? Alec Baldwin threatened a reporter with violence during a gay-bashing twitter rant.



– All of the props in the show, like this pamphlet with the girl on fire, are designed by our storyboard department.

– The speech Detective Lawson gives when he and Cartman go to a suspect’s house is parodying a classic episode of “Dragnet”, where Joe Friday lectures a suspect on the perils of drug use.



– When Cartman is driving in the car with the Detective, you’ll notice a live-action background. We’ve done this a few times previously, the first being in “Mecha-Streisand” back in Season 1.

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