Fan Question: What episode did Stan become a goth kid?

Fan Question: Super stoked the Goth Kids beat out those poser conformists Terrance and Phillip in the “Bro Down”. Now I’m trying to find that episode where Stan becomes goth… is that in Season 12? Little help pls!

Answer: Glad you’re happy about that, dude! There’s definitely some T&P fans who would fart on that statement.

As for Stan’s goth transformation, you were a few seasons off — it was actually in the Season 7 episode “Raisins“. After Wendy dumped Stan, he changed his name to “Raven”, started writing poetry, and joined the Goths…

Goth Stan didn’t last long though… he traded in his black clothes & coffee (and went back to normal) at the end of the episode.

Bonus factoid: This was actually the Goth Kids’ debut episode. You can hear Matt & Trey’s commentary about creating these characters here: