Production Blog Entry for 04/13/2010

All right folks I’m going to cut right to the chase. I don’t have time to say welcome to the blog or anything like that. After all, We have our 200th FRICKIN’ EPISODE to finish here. 200 shows is a milestone and quite frankly I speak for everyone when I say, “lets party!”

“Not so fast Steve!” says Matt and Trey. “We still have two more episodes this run!” Ok, so I guess we’ll save the partying for later on, but we did get to take a little break last week to briefly celebrate.

Comedy Central was nice enough to send over an awesome taco truck (my personal favorite) and beers (my other personal favorite) for the crew. (Yea that’s right, we got our day drink on. No big deal.) We also presented the crew with the 200th Episode cake made by Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills (swanky, I know). Elin and Allen were friggin’ awesome and the cake looked so sweet.

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is “Ace of Cakes,” but after working with the people over at Rosebud they need to move that show to LA immediately and call it “Ace of Rosebud Cakes.” IMMEDIATELY I SAY. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how our cake was built (riveting I know, but if your like me you are addicted to stuff like this.)

Elin, posing with the skin and bones of the cake.

Elin, painting the trees and the boys.

Frosting attack!!!!!!!!! Elin is laying down the “snow”.

Looks like it’s coming together. “Snow” complete. Tree frosting time!

Faceless boys…creepy.

Here it is! South Park’s 200th Episode cake!

The cake came out awesome! Everyone was thrilled. I’d like to take this chance to thank Rosebud Cakes again for the hard work, effort and willingness to pocket the exorbitant amount of money we paid them to make this kickass cake.

As for me, I’m just excited to be a part of such an awesome occasion. I was 11 when the show first started and to be working on the amazing 200th episode is an honor to say the least. It’s not very often that shows make it to 200 episodes…just saying.

Check out for all the well wishes from you guys as well as some of our celebrity friends. Robert Popper (one of our writing consultants) made an awesome video where he prank called me and pretended to be a crazy idea loaded fan. I thought I had heard everything, seeing as how I get calls like this on a daily basis. This one takes the cake (zing!) and he made a little animation to go with it and it’s posted up on the site now. Enjoy the video, enjoy the pictures and enjoy the episode!

APOC Steve.