Welcome to the New South Park Studios!

Hey buddy!

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. And by different, we mean totally kick-ass. That’s because you’re looking at a brand new beta site for SouthParkStudios.com!

So…what’s new about SouthParkStudios.com? Pretty much everything!

– Watch Clips and Full Episodes on your DESKTOP, TABLET or MOBILE PHONE!!! This has been the #1 request of fans for a couple of years. Now it’s a reality.
– Every episode (242) and clip (over 4000) from Season 4 through Season 16 is in HD and totally UNCENSORED. Seasons 1 – 3 are still on the site, just in SD and Censored. Sorry – “Super Best Friends,” “200,” and “201” are still not on the site.
– All clips and episodes now feature Closed Captioning on all your devices.
– Watch videos in the all-new sidebar. Browse the site while you watch clips and episodes.
– We finally have an awesome blog, which will be your one source for everything South Park.
– There’s a new commenting system for videos and the blog, so all those noobs who write “first” won’t be the first comment you see.
– Fans can now create and share their own collections of South Park videos. Create a collection of your favorite Kenny deaths, Butters songs or Cartman quotes and share it with the world!

Seriously, it’s all new.

Keep in mind, we’re still making some changes to this new site. Some things might not be working as well as we’d like. Don’t panic! Use the “Feedback” button on the right side of the page and leave us a comment about what’s not working. We’ll get on it as soon as we can.

You can also jump back and forth between the “classic” and the “beta” site by clicking on the SouthParkStudios logo in the upper left of the navigation.

Ok, so now’s the part where you stop reading and start clicking around. Seriously. Enjoy the new beta site!