Behind The Scenes of “A Song Of Ass and Fire”

Wanna take a look behind-the-scenes of our epic episode “A Song of Ass and Fire”? We got ya covered, buddy!

Scroll down for tons of behind-the-scenes pics, production art, and details from Matt and Trey…


– The instrumental Game of Thrones-style intro to this episode is the first time EVER that we didn’t use some variation of South Park’s theme song.

– There’s been 4 total three-part episodes in South Park history: Imaginationland, Coon & Friends, the “Meteor Shower” Trilogy (from Season 3); and Black Friday.

– The sword fight between Butters and Scott Malkinson required special battle poses for Butters…



– Check out this behind-the-scenes art for Cartman and Kenny’s Casa Bonita pic. The restaurant debuted in Season 7’s “Casa Bonita”.

– Originally, this episode focused on recruiting factions, but the writers tried it and didn’t like it… It didn’t feel like Game of Thrones.

– Yes, that’s an Orgazmo poster on the door in Cartman’s room. Orgazmo was Trey and Matt’s first movie — it premiered in ’97, the same year that “South Park” debuted.



– Animators use cues within the storyboard for camera movement, like the tracking shot (above).

– The title “A Song of Ass and Fire” is a parody of “A Song of Ice and Fire”- the original name of the book series Game of Thrones is based on.

– These holiday shoppers parody White Walkers from Game of Thrones. Did you catch the dead Miss Stephenson in the crowd?



– It’s not often that Cartman and Kyle agree. Some of their most heated battles went down in: Toilet Paper, Imaginationland and Cartoon Wars

– In an original draft of the script, Kenny recruited Underpants Gnomes and Cartman recruited Crab People.

– After 17 years, we finally learn the full names of the Reporter (Niles Lawton) and the News Anchors (Tom and Tammy Thompson). Tom Thompson made his debut as Channel 4’s news anchor in Season 13’s “The F Word”.


– From Matt and Trey: “In Game of Thrones, whenever you see two people walking in a garden, you’re like… ‘Oh boy, here we go.'”

– According to the writers: “Game of Thrones basically goes scene to scene, betrayal to betrayal. It’s just a betrayal fest.”

1708_LiveTweet_Pic08-betryalgarden copy

1708_LiveTweet_Pic09-cartmanOnCarriage copy

– Getting Cartman’s fat ass through the door on his Royal Carriage required special poses.

– Bill Gates has appeared twice in South Park. He first debuted in South Park’s movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut (where he’s shot). And later in Season 5’s “The Entity”.

– According to Trey & Matt: “We get to see Bill Gates, who we actually killed in the South Park Movie…but…whatever. He’s back.”



– In addition to Game of Thrones style decorations, there’s a lot of wiener art in the background.

– Yes, that is Trey Parker doing ALL the a cappella parts of the Wiener Song. Check out the full lyrics here and sing along with the wiener party



– It wasn’t until Tuesday (the day before air) that the writers added the Japanese Kenny anime scene.

– Full lyrics to the Princess Kenny theme song: “Ima Kaiobi desu. Princess Kenny Korosu. Naze matta? Naze Osoi? Kenny Chan kawai- Princessssuuuuuu!”

– The writers almost ended this episode with Princess Kenny having crazy powers and blowing away entire armies. Instead, they decided his superpower is… he’s super cute.

1708_LiveTweet_Pic14_KennyPrincess2 copy

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