Fan Question: How many girlfriends has Kenny had?

Fan Question: Being that Kenny is always obsessed with boobs and chicks… how many girlfriends has he actually had?

Answer: Well, you’re right — Kenny definitely loves boobs. And even though he’s only 10 years old, there’s been a few romances worth noting over the course of his many lives…

The first was with Kelly, a Getting Gay With Kids choir member from Season 3’s “Rainforest Shmainforest”. In fact, Kelly actually saves Kenny’s life at the end of the episode!

But it doesn’t last long. At the beginning of the next episode (after Cartman complains that Kenny’s “spending way too much time” with his new girlfriend), Kenny spontaneously explodes.

The second (and probably most famous) relationship was with the notorious whore Tammy Warner in Season 13’s “The Ring”. Unfortunately, their relationship also ended poorly… Kenny died from a tragic case of syphilis.

Lastly — it’s also worth mentioning Kenny’s hot chick from “Major Boobage”. Even though she only showed up when Kenny was cheesed out of his mind, they still had a pretty wild ride together…