Production Blog Entry for 11/10/09

Good evening South Park production blog readers! It is I. PA Steve! The second-to-last episode of this run is upon us and quite frankly I think I speak for everyone here who wants to be spoken for that we are a little bit tired and looking forward to a holiday break soon.

So, it’s Tuesday night and I have been pondering what to write about for many days now and I either have writers block or the smell of dinner is making my ADD kick in full throttle. So here we are, the last possible moment to give you the scoop on all things South Park after a long week and I only have one thing on my mind……40 DD’s.

In last week’s episode, we had a lesson based on the word “fag.”. Cut back to two days before the episode airs. Trey comes up with this amazing idea to have a baby point to the “fag” in the photo before him. When the child was looking at the picture there was a Harley rider on one side and a flamboyantly homosexual gay man on the other side. The baby picked the Harley rider…proving that even a child knows the word fag refers to people who ride Harleys. Zing!

We use photos on South Park for comedic effect all the time. Sometimes we are unable to find images that already exist so we must create our own. The producers came to me and informed me that they had invited a very muscular man to pose for pictures in a bra, sailor’s hat, pink boa, and bright red lipstick and I needed to procure those props. There’s something to be said for someone who can keep a straight face when presented with this ridiculous and unexpected request. So off I go to the bra store to buy some 40 DD bras.

I walk in and already I’m the center of attention because bras don’t fit me and they never will. I said to the clerk, “I’m not a pervert, but I need to purchase some 40 DD bras in varying colors and lace textures.” She knew I was well informed based on what I said and frightened by the fact that I had obviously done my research before hand. Sadly I had, but so is the life of a PA.

Anyway I buy the bras and come back to the studio where the model is waiting. The man bras up, puts the lipstick and boa on, and viola! A very convincing gay man. A few moments go by and I am summoned by our line producer to the photo studio. The sparsely dressed, pink boa laden, lipstick wearing man with the sailor’s hat says hello and I say hello back averting my eyes from his junk and I walk over to the producer who had a look of the utmost importance in her eye. “Thongs,” she says, “we need thongs.” I said “now do you want nut huggers, banana hammocks or ass floss,” and she said “all of the above.” Now, I may have embellished that just to write those terms for male thongs, but that’s neither here nor there.

Colors and size written down I’m off to Target, which by the way has a fantastic male thong selection. I didn’t see that one coming, but I’m just telling it like it is. I get to Target and I’m admiring (pronounced: making sure no one is watching me as I try to secretly scan) the male thong selection when I get a phone call from our office manager to come back to the studio because they are happy with a shot they already had and there would be no need for thongs… This is the end of the story, sadly, with no punch line.

I will say this. I have seen a lot of ridiculous, absurd and offensively funny things here at South Park and most of the things I’ve seen and done I would do again in a heart beat . I guess now I have to add bra shopping to that list. I’m just so thankful I didn’t have to buy the damn thongs. Here is the picture as it appeared in the episode. The “fag” is on the right.

Love, PA Steve

PS: I would also like to take the chance to wish PA Chaffey (Pronouced: Nate) good luck in his new gig. He is leaving us after two awesome runs and we all wish him the best.