South Park BRO DOWN: The Final 8

You guys, I’m seriously.

This last round was intense — there was crazy nail-biters (Satan edging out the Goth Kids by just over a thousand votes), more Kenny domination (poor Tweek), and sadly, we even said goodbye to Stan.

But with only 8 characters left, the insanity is just getting started…


Kyle and Kenny have both DOMINATED their competition — but now… they face eachother. And two of the most talked about characters, Cartman and Butters, bro down head-to-head.

Can Butters pimp his way into the Semi-Finals? Or will Towelie be the chronic Cinderella story of this tournament?? Who’s gonna be 2015’s Fan Favorite??

It’s up to you…


It comes down to this… will Butters finally get revenge on Cartman??

Total Voters: 293,559


Can Towelie blaze his way into the Semi-Finals?

Total Voters: 121,107


I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA! Who's gonna take it — Randy or Chef?

Total Voters: 95,839


Will Kyle kill Kenny? YOU BASTARDS!!

Total Voters: 175,446

*Polls open for the Bro Down “Semi-Finals″ on Monday, April 6th.

*Check out the results from “The Super 16“, “Round 2“, “Round 1: Part 1″ & “Round 1: Part 2” here.