“Gluten Free Ebola” Hits South Park TONIGHT!

Catch the all-new episode “Gluten Free Ebola” — premiering tonight, October 1st @ 10p ET on Comedy Central!

Full episode description:

Mr. Mackey is now gluten free and everyone is annoyed when he won’t quit preaching about how great he feels. But, after witnessing a disturbing demonstration of what happens to your body when you do eat gluten, South Park becomes the first town in America to go gluten free.


Check out the other preview clip with Randy here.

We’ll also be going behind the scenes of “Go Fund Yourself” with an epic Live Tweet Event @ 9:30p EST, right before the new episode. Join us for a full, gluten-free night of South Park — starting @ 9:30p EST tonight!

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>> Watch the preview clip here!