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Fan Question: Nathan and Mimsy were definitely my favorite characters from last season. I remember they had one other episode (where Nathan has sex with a shark or something lol), but are there any others? SHUT UP MIMSSSYYYY!!!

Answer: Glad you liked seeing that handi-capable duo back in action, dude!

The short answer to your question is: No… those episodes you mentioned are the only two they’ve BOTH been in:

• “Crippled Summer” – Nathan & Mimsy debuted as a team in this Season 14 episode, trying to take down their arch-rival Jimmy at Lake Tardicaca Camp. (And yes, the Lake Tardicaca Shark did unfortunately “mate” with Nathan.)

• “Handicar” – Nathan & Mimsy made their return this past season, trying to sabotage Timmy’s new Handicar business.


HOWEVER- Nathan actually debuted (without Mimsy) all the way back in Season 8’s “Up The Down Steroid“, as Jimmy’s steroid dealer.

That’s probably where his hatred for Jimmy began…


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