South Park BRO DOWN: The Semifinals

Holy shit, you guys…

Last week’s Final 8 battle was a freakin’ tear jerker. Each and every character put up a hell of a fight (well, except for Chef)… but ultimately: Satan was banished back to hell, Kyle was killed by Kenny, and Chef’s chocolate salty balls just couldn’t hang with Randy’s scroat coat.

By far, the fiercest battle was 2013’s defending champ Butters vs. the fat-ass of Eric Cartman. They both traded the lead back and forth — but in the end, you grounded Butters by only a few thousand votes…


Now, only four remain: Cartman, Towelie, Randy and Kenny.

Can Towelie — the “worst character ever” — continue on this weed-fueled Cinderella story? Or will it be Kenny who truly can’t die?? Who the hell is gonna face off in the Finals??

Vote below and decide…


RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH! Can Cartman take down Towelie?

Total Voters: 187,776


Who's gonna win? Who's gonna get covered in ectoplasm??

Total Voters: 97,687

*Polls open for the Bro Down “FINALS″ on Wednesday, April 8th.

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