Behind the Scenes of “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”

Wanna take a look behind the scenes of “Dawn of the Posers”, as well as the infamous South Park Blackout? You probably would, conformist.

Get a taste here, and visit our “Dawn of the Posers” Wiki page for ALL the exclusive production art and details from Matt and Trey…



– The night before this episode was originally supposed to air — which is always our last night of production — South Park Studios experienced a power outage. This episode was the first time, in 241 episodes, that we didn’t make air.

– On the 1st Draft of the script, this episode was originally called “Posers From Beyond”.

– We finally learned ALL the Goth Kids’ names in this episode. Tall Goth is “Michael”, Hair Flip is “Pete”, & Little Goth is “Firkle”.  And of course, the Goth Girl is Henrietta — a fact we learned in Season 7’s “Raisins”.


– The Goth Kids got a brand new intro for this show — it was the 2nd custom Halloween-themed intro in South Park history. The first was in Season 2’s “Spookyfish”.

– However, this is the first time EVER that the lyrics to the intro song have been changed. Here’s the script for the Goth Kids opening, made specifically for this show…


– Matt does the voice of Tall Goth.  Trey voices Hair Flip and Edgar Allen Poe — we mean, NightPain.

– Trey also does the voice for Tall Goth’s mom. Both we get to meet both of Michael (Tall Goth’s) parents for the first time here.

– Emo Firkle’s appearance went through multiple rounds of changes before it was finalized…


– This episode parodies several horror classics, including “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”, “The Night of the Triffids” and “Stepford Wives.”

– Creating the ghost of Poe took a number of special poses, as well as a specifically designed “glow”.


– The Goth Kids debuted in Season 7’s “Raisins”. After Wendy breaks up with Stan, he joins the Goth Kids as “Raven”.

– All the props in the show — like Henrietta’s emo sketch — are done by our Storyboard department:


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