Production Blog Entry for 04/06/2010

Hello fellow fans of South Park!

Following in the wake of David “DAVEHEART THE ALMIGHTY” Brown’s fantastic throat purging videos of last week, Trey and the Amazing Animators (band name? keep it. It’s yours.) decided they needed some reference shots for last week’s episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken.” So, of course, we the P.A’s took it upon ourselves to put our giant blue bouncy balls in the microwave and come down with a little case of inflatable testicular cancer.

Like Randy before him, Steve found himself encumbered by the giant blue weight between his knees. Perplexed, and a bit overwhelmed, poor Stevensly could not get moving.

Mike on the other hand, move effortlessly around the parking lot by skateboard. I knew his gorilla like strength would come in handy some day!

But Dave, being the reference shot pro that he is, quickly managed to bounce himself into his chair and begin doing the only sensible thing a man in his predicament could do: a cleansing massage.

Needless to say we successfully bounced ourselves into insanity. All in a days work.
Right now we’re busy stalking ex-girlfriends on Facebook for this week’s episode “You Have 0 Friends”. Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 10pm!