Fan Question: Who won the last character battle?

Fan Question: I seem to remember you guys doing a big character battle like the “Bro Down” last year or something. Who won that? Was it Randy?? Please tell me it was Randy…

Answer: Well, I hate to burst your bubble — but it wasn’t Randy. The last big fan-voted competition we did was 2 years ago, and BUTTERS actually beat out Kyle to take the title.

The 2013 bracket wasn’t quite as big as this year’s Bro Down — it only had 32 characters — but it was still an intense fight. And I’m sorry to say, Randy lost to Chef by 1% in the quarter-finals.

Here’s the final 2013 bracket

Ultimately, it came down to Butters Vs. Kyle in the Finals.

Fans poured in over 1.3 million votes for that Final matchup alone, and Butters wound up taking it by a narrow 3% margin of victory…


This year’s Bro Down has been even more insane — with over 15 millions votes & counting. You’ve definitely shocked us with some picks (our bracket had Garrison going to the Final 8), so we’re stoked to see who you crown 2015’s Fan Favorite

Who do you think will take it this year?