South Park Halloween Pumpkin Stencils!

Halloween is almost upon us! Show your South Park pride on your doorstep with these kick ass pumpkin stencils….

Find your favorite character below, follow these directions, and be sure NOT TO CUT all the way through the pumpkin:

Step One: Attach a template to your pumpkin.

Step Two: Trace the gray areas of the stencil using a knife or another pumpkin carving tool. Make sure to cut through the paper and into the skin, but not all the way through the pumpkin.

Step Three: Cut into the skin of the pumpkin about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. Scrape away the areas in gray. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR PUMPKIN.

Step Four: Share with us on Twitter @Southpark!

Click on any character below to download the Hi-Res version!

darylestencil fast_passstencil humanstencil mintberry_crunchstencil mosquitostencil mysterionstencil pc_principalstencil professor_chaosstencil super_craigstencil thecoonstencil toolshedstencil tupperarestencil tweek_and_craigstencil wonder_tweekstencilRandyLorde-Pumpkin_thumbButters_Pumpkin01 copyCartman_Pumpkin01Chef_Pumpkin01Garrison_Pumpkin01Terrance_Pumpkin01Phillip_Pumpkin01Jimmy_Pumpkin01Stan_Pumpkin01Towelie_Pumpkin01CartmanAuthoritah_Pumpkin01Kenny_Pumpkin01Timmy_Pumpkin01Wendy_Pumpkin01Token_Pumpkin01MrMackey_Pumpkin01Kyle_Pumpkin01Randy_Pumpkin01Butters_Pumpkin01DeadKenny_Pumpkin01Satan_Pumpkin01Butters_Ungrounable-PumpkinFirkle-Smith-PumpkinHeidi-PumpkinMichael-PumpkinMr-Hankey-PumpkinPete-PumpkinPriest-Maxi-PumpkinRandy-Pumpkin-1Sheila-PumpkinWendy-Pumpkin