Production Blog Entry for 10/12/10

Hello South Parkers!!

I hope you have your hair gel, your canned tan and your Ron Ron Juice ready because this week it’s South Park vs New Jersey. I know some of you may actually be from Jersey and you say you don?t use spray tan, but let?s be serious. You do and you like it.

As for us here in the production office “week two” is always one of the busiest of the run for no reason whatsoever. Running around and grabbing all sorts of fun things for the show and cleaning up all the Vagisil from last week has left us slightly exhausted, but have no fear Red Bull is here getting us through another Tuesday night.

So while I’m here at work, I thought I’d like to share a little story from week one.

So, once in a while we get a request to go to the store for Matt and Trey. Video games, food, more food and glue are all the norm, but last week Trey had a very special request. It was a first.

Trey: “Hey Steve, (He didn?t say Steve, but I like to pretend he said my name anyway.) can you go grab me every kind of Vagisil that they sell at CVS?”

Steve: “Uhh. Yeah sure Trey!” (I think I said HIS name but I’m not sure because I was in shock.)

I got a little caught up in some other stuff and so I decided to send my good pal, PA David, to procure all things Vagisil. Eighty four dollars later the folks in the South Park writer’s room were the proud owners of every product Vagisil makes.

I know a lot of you out there wish you could work at South Park and believe me, we wish you could too but, there is nothing more awkward than being a 24-year-old male and having to buy eighty-four dollars worth of Vagisil as part of your job. When the checkout woman and the other ladies at the counter threw a few strange looks at David, he calmly said, ?I have a lot of women in my family.? (You gotta know PA David to appreciate the delivery of that line.)

I couldn?t have made it up if I wanted to!! Good job David. Thanks for taking one for the team.

Until next time? keep up with your GTL brah.