Fan Question: Did Cartman’s cat CHANGE SEX?

Fan Question: Did Cartman’s cat CHANGE SEX?? I remember early on, the boys said Mr. Kitty was a female. But then in “Major Boobage”, it’s shown as a male cat. What happened?

Answer: You are definitely right about that, Cartman’s cat has been seen swinging both ways.

Back in Season 3’s “Cat Orgy”, Mr. Kitty is a much-sought-after female cat “in heat” — and proceeds to partake in a pretty epic orgy. Then in Season 12’s “Major Boobage”, we learn that male cats are the only ones who can “spray out the concentrated urine” needed for cheesing… Which would mean Mr. Kitty is somehow a male cat.

Our guess is Mister Kitty is probably a hermaphrodite, just like Cartman’s mom. Little bit of both worlds, with an extra side of cheese.

Bonus fact: Mr. Kitty was last seen when the “cat breading” craze hit South Park in “Faith Hilling”.


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