South Park BRO DOWN: Round One (Part 1)

Get ready for the most epic character battle in South Park history! 64 of the most popular characters are going head-to-head in a fight to be crowned the Fan-Favorite Character of 2015

The best part? YOU get to choose who wins.

Bro Down Bracket

Click the picture above, or download the official “South Park Bro Down” bracket here. Then fill it out, play along, and vote below!

Think you can guess who’s gonna take that #1 spot? Will it be Cartman’s highly-favored fat ass?? Or can an underdog like Scott Malkinson use his power of diabetes to take the crown??

It’s up to you, dude…


Which character is your favorite?

Total Voters: 1,433,126


Will it be the English chap or the loyal sidekick?

Total Voters: 134,573


Asthma, diabetes... which character is your favorite?

Total Voters: 138,129


This is a tough one... who's gonna take it?

Total Voters: 179,681


It's a Marsh family throwdown!

Total Voters: 240,447


Token or Dougie -- which character should advance to Round 2?

Total Voters: 236,441


Which girl sparkles with you?

Total Voters: 250,596


Oh hamburgers! Will Butters get grounded in Round 1?

Total Voters: 1,198,453


Can Towelie take the crown from the Gerbil King?

Total Voters: 177,261


Metrosexual crustaceans or a soul-sucking demon -- which is your favorite?

Total Voters: 176,036


Can this bad kitty overtake a crappy Christmas legend?

Total Voters: 144,155


Will it be Canadian royalty, or Christmas critters?

Total Voters: 179,415


A super cereal matchup -- who's your favorite?

Total Voters: 341,067


Which Prince of Darkness will reign supreme??

Total Voters: 301,329


Can newcomer McNuggets use his cock magic to take down the gnomes?

Total Voters: 193,504


Will it be the Canadian fart duo, or the non-conformist Goths?

Total Voters: 369,336

*Polls close for “Round One: Part 1” on Friday, March 20th @ 10am PST.

*UPDATE: Voting for “Round One: PART 2” will start on Monday, March 23rd!