Production Blog Entry for 10/26/10

Dear Everyone,

Last weekends episode entitled “Insheeption” chronicled the lives of Stan, Mr. Mackey and of course Mr. Yauman the sheep “herder” as they sought to find a cure for their hoarding problem.

After watching many episodes of “Hoarder’s” on A&E I feel I am qualified to diagnose a hoarder.

Sadly I have some bad news? We here at South Park are Class 3 hoarders. We have moved beyond locker hoarding to?STORAGE UNIT HOARDING.

My colleague and fellow hoarding specialist PA David and I went over to our storage units to access the situation.

When we first arrived on the scene it was dark and musty and there was a slight hint of stale mothballs that were rolled in old bacon in the air. We held our breath and moved in for a closer look to see what kind of stuff South Park staffers have been stashing there for the past 14 and a half years.

PA Steve Stark's Pond picture
I found an old Stark?s Pond layout made of construction paper!!

PA David scary dude
We caught this guy creepin’ around. I nearly shat myself when I opened the door?seriously.

PA David Species Poster
Natasha Henstridge signed “Species” poster? Natasha was Ms. Ellen in the season 1 episode called “Tom?s Rhinoplasty.”

PA Steve LA King's signature
Someone from the LA kings signed picture? #28 name begins with an A?beats me.

Last but not least the holy grail of all things found in storage.
The very gown Matt Stone?s wore to the Academy Awards in 2000. Trey was nominated for Best Song in a Motion Picture with Marc Shaiman and ?Blame Canada? was performed live on stage by Robin Williams. Although they did not win that night, Matt and Trey left their mark on the Oscars forever. I think you know where this is going.

PA David in Matt's Dress
PA David wearing Matt?s dress from Oscar night.

In conclusion we here at South Park are hoarders, but it’s a good thing! We still have a lot of the old relics from back in the day Treasures that define South Park?s history.

14 Years of Teasure
14 plus Years of South Park!


Hoarding Specialist Steve
Hoarding Specialist and Sexy Model Dave