All-New Episodes Return Next Week!

All-new episodes of South Park return Wednesday, November 9th @ 10p on Comedy Central!

There are three “dark weeks” during the Season 20 show run, and this is one of them. Check out the full schedule here:

“Member Berries” – September 14th
“Skank Hunt” – September 21rd
“The Damned” – September 30th

[Dark Week] –Wednesday  October 5th

“Wieners Out” – October 12th
“Douche and a Danish” – October 19th
“Fort Collins” – October 26th

[Dark Week] – Wednesday November 2nd

• Episode 2007 – November 9th
• Episode 2008 – November 16th

[Dark Week] –Wednesday  November 23rd

• Episode 2009 – November 30th
• Episode 2010 – December 7th

In the meantime, catch up and watch the new episodes from Season 20 right here!