South Park Fan Conspiracy: Craig Tucker

South Park Fan Conspiracy: Craig Tucker

Craig Birthday

According to internet rumors… Craig’s parents aren’t really his genetic parents. We can neither confirm nor deny this, but here are the reasonings behind the theory.



Without going into a Dr. Mephisto lecture on genetics… when it comes to hair color, there is still much debate about genetics, but is is assumed black and brown are a dominant gene over the recessive red or blonde (read more about hair colors).

Craig No Hat

Thomas Tucker, a ginger, and Laura Tucker, and blonde,  would most likely result in a ginger or blonde haired baby. An example of this is Craig’s sister, who matches her father’s ginger hair color. It’s genetically possible, but not likely  for Craig to have black hair when his parents both display recessive hair color traits.


Here are the fan theories:

Hair dye- The easiest explanation is Mrs. Tucker dyes her hair blonde. In “The Magic Bush”, Cartman attempts to lure the drones away from town using an inflatable “Mrs. Tucker” blonde sex doll with a very “natural” black bush. It is likely that he modeled the doll after Laura’s true appearance and the carpet simply doesn’t match the drapes due to hair dye.

 Craig himself could also dye his hair black but it is unlikely a 10 year old boy with his personality type would go through that sort of effort.


Craig is adopted- In “Pandemic 2: The Startling”, while searching through an ancient temple, the boys find an image of Craig etched in the temple wall. Adding more to this theory, Craig is one of the only characters to don a chullo hat. Chullo hats are typically made of llama or alpaca and originated in the Andean mountain range. They are still a very popular style in Peru today.

Craig Hat-mayan

Is Craig actually adopted from an ancient Peruvian tribe? What is Craig doing on an ancient Incan wall?!


Craig is from a previous marriage- There isn’t much to support this theory in the show.


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