Limited Edition South Park Loot Crate Revealed!

Celebrate the historic 20th season with this special, limited edition South Park Loot Crate!

These once in a lifetime crates are packed with 8 kick ass items including apparel, collectibles and more which cannot be purchased anywhere else!


Last chance to grab one while they are still available!

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Kenny McCormick/Mysterion Reversible Hoodie

First Appearance – Season 13 “The Coon”

By day, Kenny McCormick is just your average, dirt-poor, 4th grader; but by night, he becomes the vigilante superhero Mysterion.


Kidrobot 6” Professor Chaos Figure (Glow in the Dark)

First Appearance – Season 6 “Professor Chaos”

All kneel before Professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and doom! Leopold “Butters” Stotch was fired as the replacement friend of Stan, Kyle and Cartman for being too “lame.” Taking the rejection hard, Butters’ created the alter ego, “Professor Chaos” a super-villain bent on unleashing chaos on the world that rejected him.


Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls (Chocolate Mold)

First Appearance – Season 2 “Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls”

Ooooh! Suck on my chocolate salty balls, put ‘em in your mouth and suck ‘em and suck ‘em!

Now you too can enjoy Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls… in your mouth. Make Chef’s dream your reality!


Clyde Frog Plush Toy 

First Appearance – Season 1 “Cartman’s Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut”

He saved Selma Hayek from a giant metal spider in “Cat Orgy” and he was torn apart and buried in “1%”. Clyde Frog has always been Cartman’s favorite toy and has appeared in more episodes than any other of Eric’s stuffed animals.


Randy Marsh Pin with Swinging Balls

First Appearance – Season 14 “Medicinal Fried Chicken”

After giving himself testicular cancer in hopes of getting a medical marijuana prescription, Randy Marsh discovers another use for his extremely swollen testicles – as transportation. Wear this pin with pride knowing that you support Randy Marsh’s courageous battle to obtain medical marijuana.


Safe Space Caution Tape

First Appearance – Season 19 “PC Principal Final Justice”

Bully proof windows…Troll safe doors….

Protect yourself with safe space caution tape, designed to protect you from all the hate and “Reality” the world might try to bring your way.


South Park Coin 

Celebrate the 20th season of South Park with this commemorative collector’s coin featuring the 4 boys at the bus stop and the iconic 20th season logo.


8×10 Art Print 

Whether it’s exterminating hippies, keeping the halls of South Park Elementary safe or starting his own Christian rock band, Cartman gets it done and always dresses the part. Celebrate the many looks of Eric Cartman with this 8”x10” art print by Bottleneck, featuring 28 iconic Cartman costumes.